Workshop – Association Typographique Internationale (ATypi)

Under pressure/overboard: printing with Hamilton Wood Type by Judith Poirier, Bill & Jim Moran

Brothers Jim and Bill Moran of Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and Judith Poirier from l’École de design UQAM for a day of printing with blocks from the Globe Collection.

The Globe Printing Company of Chicago was once among the leading makers of posters for circuses, attractions, and general merchandising. After the business closed, the largely irreplaceable printing blocks were donated to the Hamilton museum. Dating mostly from the mid-20th-century, the Globe Printing collection includes vintage wood type and hand-cut illustration blocks.

In this workshop Jim and Bill demonstrate pressure printing with a few highlights from the collection, and we work with imagery rarely seen in print.

Full-day session – Musée de l’imprimerie du Québec